The Wingman

Recently reunited buddies Don & Matt go out for a night on the town like old times. Their plans are foiled somewhat as there's not too much action downtown these days; recent criminal activity has people staying home in fear. At their favorite watering hole, Don & Matt meet Lisa, the new barmaid who just might bring some excitement to their night after all.

The Wingman is a short film created in Rochester, NY by a number of motivated and talented filmmakers of many backgrounds and disciplines. Featuring an award-winning* script by Mike Russo, and directed by Derrick Petrush, “The Wingman” is a purely digital short, shot by Mike Torres with Panasonic P2 High Definition Cameras.

The Wingman” A Bait Bite Films picture. Produced by D-Train Media

*The Wingman was first place script in the

2009 Rochester Movie Makers Script-a-Palooza

You’re Not Going Home Alone